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About NC Fisheries

Welcome to NC Fisheries. New for 2016 Moss Nook Fishing Lake, a 3.6 acre specimen carp lake . With 8 swims for  paying anglers to fish at any one time. From as little as £13 pounds for a 24 hour stay. The lakes are secure and only anglers booked on can fish,No passing trade or walk ons. We don’t allow anyone under 18 years of age to fish on there own! But we do ask they stay on a swim with a paying adult. Everything is on site,or will be by 31st march!!         We aim to tailor for the specimen carp fisherman with Moss nook’s original fish stock often added to with fish over 15lb, on a regular basis! Great holding bays scattered around the lake make locating the fish easier,sand bars, gravel bars and clay/silt bottom gives you every chance to get at them! but watch out for the under water features!! The secret island and plenty of over hanging trees. We do have weed in the lake but this is there home,and it’s what make these carp fight hard. They know how to spit your hook to!   The average size of fish is 10-15lb mark(300+), with plenty(75) above to 25.6lb. This is by no means an easy water! if you turn up expecting a runs water? its not. you’ll be catching if you can get them going, which is the key to many lakes. This is an enclosed lake not open to general public. Only anglers booked on will be allowed to fish. Again No under 18’s please unless with a paying adult! with regular patrols form the bailiffs, who are also there to help you find them and in-force the...


Moss Lake

COMING IN MARCH, both lakes are being turned into one! Moss Nook Lake is a 3.6 acre specimen carp lake holding fish up to 25.6lbs plus. With ten swims for up to eight anglers to fish at any one time(five at the moment). £13 a 24hr session is the cheapest around, 11am to 11am the next day ! Grab a swim while you can.   Click here to book your stay on Moss Lake now! Or call Neal on 07891308430 Book Now

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