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Carp Fishing Lakes – About NC Fisheries

mnl21574_1164198720276868_2622527757221555645_n20150626_08192417499989_10207155316876178_935835045_o20150107_214446moss nook lake fish catch20150626_081924paul common 16lbScreenshot_2014-05-02-17-10-29leather carp 14lbpaul 20lbWelcome to NC Fisheries. We brought the site in march 2014 with intentions to tell you all about the lake! since then we have been on a vigorous mission to improve the site which still go’s on to this day. We aim to offer a secure fishery to up to 6 anglers  to enjoy a pleasant stay catching carp! up to 25.6 lb. NOT the biggest but British!

Carp Fishing lake,

 Moss Lake, ideal for a fishing break or a mini holiday with friends. This exclusive 3.9 acre specimen carp fishing lake holds 100’s of fish up to 25.6lbs plus. With six swims to choose from it has everything your looking for. From submerged islands,weedy bays (some times of the year it can grow quite quick) even over hanging trees and open water it really has the lot. 24hr sessions set at only  £17 pounds for each swim in winter and £20 for summer months) come along and catch a powerful fish !!!!

We aim to tailor for the Specimen carp fisherman with Moss Lake’s original fish stock often added to with fish over 15 lb on a regular basis! Great holding bays scattered around the lake making locating the fish easier, but watch out for the under water features! Weed is growing in the water which houses the naturals needed for the carps diet, and the depth varies from 6 ft to 18 ft in places!  Pitch up your bivvy and you’ll be happy that there’s only you and the other anglers that have booked on allowed on and around the lake. We have bailiffs’ Nigel,Dave,Leigh and Neal that are on hand to help and even supply bait if needed. We have tried to keep the rules simple so you can spend more time fishing and less reading. With plenty of bays to fish to and only 9 swims (max of 6 are rented in each 24 hr session) that all have different features there really is every opportunity to catch. We hope to map the lake once all the weed has retreated and will be happy to share it on each table(on each swim) including the area each swim is allowed! We hope you enjoy the new version and welcome you to NC Fishing.       HAPPY FISHING