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The Plans for Moss Nook

Just a little bit about me the owner Neal Cutmore, as many of you do I dreamed of owning a lake………….I fished opens,match’s and visited many lakes in my youth and got the bug. Always in my mind was ways I could make it better? Hengrave hall, rhino fisheries and a few other’s I had the pleasure to lease and run over the years. yet it was never mine! Then Moss Nook fell on my hallway floor? WOW, could I turn it? A trip up and I fell in love with its hidden beauty, contracts signed and its mine. The two years that have passed have been eventful but fun,fun,fun! As I continue on this dream of a lake always in my mind is Fish care, feeding them up and supporting there growth. Second is the wildlife which has to be seen! Kingfishers the coots and even Mr Heron, if it means I leave the grass long in places to give a wild flower a chance I will. and Third is you guys the anglers, and what a bunch of great people you are that use the lake! I hope to improve the fishery year on year and always listen to you. I do try to budget within the fishery’s means and this just add’s time but I get there, without the pressure of chasing the pounds!!

So if I see you on my lake one day, I hope it’s when your holding a 20……..and enjoying what I’m makingpaul 20lbleather carp 14lbpaul common 17lb  just a few of the beauty’s that swim around the lake!!