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*MOST IMPORTANT RULE 10.30am – 10.00am PER 24HR SESSION BOOKING. This leaves half an hour between anglers arriving and leaving for checks to be done, anglers to be allowed to move swims and make room on the car park.
*Gate to be locked at all times during your stay with us.
*Two rod rule per angler per peg. Unless a bailiff states otherwise.
*BARBED and MICRO BARBED hooks only.
*15lb min main line and 20lb max limit.
*Drop off leads & free running leads only in summer.
*Zigs, Korda Safezone leaders, Tubing and Leadcore are allowed.
*Bait boats, baiting poles, drones, sonars and fish finders are allowed.
*Only one non fishing guest per paying angler allowed.
NO FLOATING BAITS NO SURFACE FISHING OF ANY KIND! Dog biscuits, fake bread bombs and bread are all banned.
NO stalking.
NO dogs. (A lake exclusive booking dogs are allowed)
NO loud radios.
NO excessive drinking.
NO sharing swims. (one angler per peg)
NO rods placed away from pegs/stoned platforms.
Dip your nets. Dip tank is located next to the toilet.
A 42 inch landing net (min) and an unhooking mat is a MUST! It would help us if you have Medicare kit for treating the carp.
Due to the large sturgeon that is in the lake, do not attempt to lift this fish out of the water on your own, UNHOOK IN THE NET, WEIGH AND PHOTO THE FISH WHILST IT IS IN THE WATER. THIS MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM WATER UNLESS A BAILIFF OR MEMBER IS PRESENT.
ONLY those people that have pre-booked for that day are allowed to use the lake. ALL TO BE NAMED IF BOOKING MORE THAN ONE. STRICTLY 9 ANGLERS MAX.
Anyone Under 18 years of age needs to be accompanied by an adult (18yrs or older please) either they are also fishing or staying with you.
THE BAILIFF’S HAVE THE FINAL SAY! There is CCTV/bailiffs on site so be warned.
Lee (Lake Manager), Pete, James, Jamie & Ash (Bailiffs)
HAPPY FISHING AND REMEMBER RULES ARE IN PLACE FOR A REASON! Caught breaking these rules you will be banned for life.