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MOSS NOOK Lake Rules

  1. Rules are in place so please comply with them at all times. Failure will result in a warning then a ban. so please help me to control the overall well being of Moss Nook. You enter the site at your own risk so please think safe.
  2. Only people that have pre-booked for that day are allowed to use the lakes. ANYONE Under 18 years of age needs to be accompanied by an adult(18yrs or older please) on the same peg. NO passing trade.
  3. GATE TO BE LOCKED AT ALL TIMES WHEN NOT IN USE. Customers are not allowed to invite others in.
  4. The baits that are allowed to be used are as follows--. BOILLIES, SPOD-MIX, PELLETS and  NATURAL BAITS Sweetcorn,maggot,worms,casters,hemp and  NO FLOATING BAITS OF ANY KIND! dog biscuits and bread are banned if you are caught using them you will be too!
  5. No dogs rule, no loud radios, no fire’s, excessive drinking and NO entering of the water .
  6. Barbed and micro barbed hooks only rule. 8lb main line min and 15lb max limit. The weed can grow quite thick so no barbless please! NO poles or bit bashing please.
  7. TWO ROD RULE. if your seen with three you will be asked to buy a second ticket.
  8. A landing net and a unhooking mat is a MUST! you will be asked to leave if you have not got these to hand! it would help us if you have medicare kit for treating the carp.
  9. NO litter to be left at any time, you carried it here please carry it home. failure will result in a ban. There is cctv on site so be warned.
  10. THIS IS A CATCH AND RELEASE WATER no retaining of any kind,and poaching of fish will result in prosecution. you’ve been warned!
  11. FISH FROM NAMED PLATFORMS ONLY! Please No stalking or damaging the bank side. These are very dangerous areas.
  12. BAILIFF’S HAVE THE FINAL SAY! These rules are very simple and i will add more if needed. Those who visit the site regularly are                                                                                                                                                                                                            GARRY ,BILLY, NIGEL AND LEIGH.